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    Guardian Newspapers Ltd.

    Guardian Newspapers Ltd.

    Retailer Supply & Returns Mobile Data System
    Online Solutions were commissioned to design, develop and implement a new mobile communications solution to assist the Guardian’s existing network of Retail Territory Managers (RTMs) in communicating sales information whilst working "in the field".

    The new system was created using a combination of SQL and Lotus Notes (Domino) technologies, providing the RTMs with a portable database repository containing sale and return figures relating to their own specific clients. The database, installed on a mobile device such as a laptop or a PDA, can then be synchronised with head office systems over the internet or via mobile phone.

    After a hugely successful pilot, the system has now been rolled out across the country and provides information on over 50,000 retailers to a network of sales representatives. The RTMs are also given the ability to update information directly via their mobile device and synchronise any changes back to head office whilst still being on the move.

    The database has also been devised to incorporate customer surveys and numerous management reporting tools. The surveys create a mechanism for RTMs to input answers to questions relating to each of their clients directly into the mobile device and synchronise with the central repository in head office where the data can be collated and interpreted.