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    Content Management Systems

    One of the most important issues that must be considered when creating a new website is the ability to update the content once the website is published. Online Solutions firmly believe that companies who commission the development of a new website should not be tied into an ongoing contract with a particular web design agency and that the client themselves should have the ability to modify the content featured on the website, preferably without technical knowledge.

    Content Management Systems (CMS) allow people with no programming experience to update their web pages themselves and because content management systems use databases in which to store the content and imagery that feature throughout the website, they can also provide visitors with powerful interactive tools/features such as data searching, online forms, surveys, booking mechanisms, shopping baskets and digital catalogues to name but a few.

    The Online Solutions development team specialise in creating bespoke tailor made content management systems that are specifically developed for each website we build and designed to provide real benefit for our clients. Whether "client based" (using software installed on the clients machine) or "web based" (accessed via a web browser), all our content management systems are simple to use and guide website administrators and content managers through the process of creating, modifying or removing website pages.