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    Corporate Intranets

    What is the difference between an intranet and a website?

    Essentially websites and intranets are the same; a digital repository of information accessed via a web browser. However, there is one major difference, the audience. Although intranets may be accessible via the internet, they tend to be protected by a password and accessible only to employees or other authorised/designated users within a specific company.

    The updating of a "website" is often driven by a handful of individuals responsible for the "voice" of the company. The updates are therefore typically limited to weekly or monthly, instead of daily. The content of an "intranet", in comparison, tends to be disseminated by numerous sources and changes frequently, often daily. Therefore a user-friendly, simple to use interface through which multiple users can update content is essential.

    The Online Solutions team specialise in creating "real" intranets for "real users". Therefore by thoroughly understanding our client's business and familiarising ourselves with the way in which they operate on a daily basis, we can develop successful intranets that accurately mirror the working ethos of the employees for which they are designed.