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    Associated Press Television News (APTN)

    Associated Press Television News (APTN) Image
    Associated Press Television News (APTN) Image
    Associated Press Television News (APTN) Image
    Associated Press Television News (APTN) Image

    The Online Solutions team have worked in partnership with Associated Press Television News for over 8 years providing design and web development services to facilitate the company’s expanding number of online service offerings.

    To appreciate the needs of a 24/7 global news company is a challenge. Online Solutions certainly rose to that challenge and solved a communication requirement with an innovative but pragmatic solution. Both clients and staff are unanimous in their praise of both the online applications and the desktop ticker - which is praise indeed! Tracey Rogers (Web Manager, Associated Press Television News)

    Most recently in 2005, as part of a huge global re-branding project, Associated Press Television News commissioned Online Solutions to design and develop a new set of websites and extranets to substitute all of the existing online services. The idea behind the project was not only to replace the "APTN" brand with that of the "Associated Press", but to harmonise the different services using a "one stop shop" portal to create a single login facility and information centre for all of their clients.

    The new portal provides clients with a wealth of new services including interactive broadcast schedules and coverage planners, maps, booking facilities, camera position panoramics, operational support facility information and a dedicated Middle East Services section published in both English and Arabic languages. Additionally a new "My Account" area incorporated into the website allows clients to manage their account and access details for all of the Associated Press Television News’ online services in one simple to use area of the site.

    In addition to the main website, Online Solutions created several new client extranets (integrated into the primary portal website) to provide Associated Press Television News with an array of new business to business (b2b) communication tools including:

    • Direct Online - a 24/7 real-time footage slate and interactive message board
    • News Guide - an up to the minute bulletin board featuring latest developments from the newsroom
    • Live Help - an online call centre
    • Desktop Ticker - streaming the latest newsroom information and providing Associated Press Television News with a direct communication channel to client’s PC screens