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    United Nations Office At Geneva (UNOG)

    United Nations Office At Geneva (UNOG) Image
    United Nations Office At Geneva (UNOG) Image
    United Nations Office At Geneva (UNOG) Image
    United Nations Office At Geneva (UNOG) Image

    The United Nations Office at Geneva, the biggest United Nations duty station outside of their headquarters in New York, provides services to facilitate the needs of over 25,000 visiting delegates, 23,000 diplomats, international civil servants and representatives of non-governmental organisations (NGOs) each year, making it the busiest intergovernmental conference centre in the world. The website is the primary dissemination tool for information regarding the activities of the office in Geneva, providing an invaluable source of information for visiting diplomatic delegations, permanent missions, international media, academic experts, researchers and the general public.

    Thanks to your restless efforts, dynamic team work, open exchanges and outstanding coordination, the result is just superb. It is really a work that displays beauty and substance. In other words, you made substance attractive and easily accessible. Leila Benkirane (Chef de Cabinet, United Nations Office at Geneva)

    Designed and developed by Online Solutions, the new website combines various previous departmental websites into a single central information repository providing everything from the latest press briefings and audio recording of press conferences to historical archives, visitor information and an online bookshop. The website is fully translated into both English and French with scalability built into the system to accommodate future additional languages. The website also includes a unique and unquestionably comprehensive calendar of diplomatic meetings and events in Geneva. A secure online interface allows other non-government organisations throughout Geneva to contribute meetings and events appertaining to their own organisations into the central calendar.

    A fully integrated Content Management System (CMS) allows all website pages to be maintained (including website imagery) by a large number of content authors throughout UNOG (with limited technology skills) whilst ensuring appropriate website navigation and website design is retained. Additionally by creating a dynamic workflow approval cycle that is integrated into the existing UNOG email system, Online Solutions provided the ability for all content creation to be controlled and tracked efficiently, thereby facilitating a far greater number of content authors with various levels of delegated responsibilities.